WiFi Hotspot On/Off Manager

WiFi Hotspot OnOff Manager is an application developed by AVG, leading virtual security company, in order to facilitate the management of its connections to wireless networks wherever he goes, whether at home, in the Office, at school,

Exercises can reduce the risk of cancer; understand how

By little-known reasons, obesity and sedentary lifestyle increase the incidence of certain types of cancer. Combined, the two factors are responsible for 20% of breast cancer cases, 50% of endometrial carcinomas (layer that coats the inside of

Lactose intolerance does not cause complications, but generates discomfort

Lactose is a sugar found in milk and its derivatives. This sugar is digested in the gut by an enzyme called lactase. When the amount of lactase in the small intestine is reduced we have lactose intolerance.

Breast cancer only causes pain in advanced stages

Breast cancer in its early stage doesn’t hurt, but the cancer in its advanced stage hurts Yes. The pain occurs by invasion of adjacent structures to the tumor (skin, muscle, bone, nerve and vascular structures) in the

Depression cure? Understand how is the treatment of disease

The question “depression curable?” possibly is the most frequent in a psychiatric clinic. To respond more fully this seemingly simple question it is important to first characterize what is depression. Today we understand that depression is a